iOS 12’s Most Annoying FaceTime Problem Will Soon Be Fixed

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When iOS 12 first came out, we had a not-so-small problem the new FaceTime interface. Apple gutted handy features, especially the commonly used Flip Camera button, in exchange for self-promoting buttons that weren’t used nearly so often.

As we pointed out, the Flip button is an incredibly common part of the FaceTime experience, allowing you to share your surroundings on the fly with friends, family, clients, and everyone else.

In hiding the ability behind a separate menu, Apple made the experience clunky.

They also made it harder to see your own thumbnail pic, so sometimes you couldn’t tell if Flip had even worked or not.

Well, we weren’t the only ones unhappy about this. Apple fans overall expressed bafflement at the change. That’s exactly why Apple was rumored to have changed the Flip feature for iOS 12.1.1 back in October, and the latest beta runs of the update have confirmed it.

Updated Facetime1

In the new version, you can swipe up on the bottom FaceTime menu to reveal four extra buttons, including the new effects button, mute, and the flip button, making the Flip feature much easier to access (you still have to do a swipe up, but that’s a vast improvement). Your own thumbnail will also be more visible than before.

FaceTime also got a handful of other improvements, including a new Live Photos button to take a snapshot of your conversation whenever you want. We’re not sure why the Live Photos button ever went away, but it’s good to see it back again.

In fact, all these FaceTime updates are great news and actively address feedback that Apple received… Hopefully, they will be available for all iPhone users in time for the Christmas holidays, when FaceTime ends up seeing a lot of use. The exact release date for 12.1.1 isn’t confirmed yet, but it’s expected before the year is over. We’ll keep you updated!

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