Innovative Technology Trends of 2015

Amazon Echo Dot Credit: Amazon
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2015 brings promise of innovation and evolution that is sure to transform the way technology is designed for consumers. The tech that is developed in 2015 may potentially inspire breakthrough products that may border on revolutionary. We look at some of the trends in technology that is expected for the year.

Lightning Accessories

The new USB standard is going to change due to Apple’s new Lightning port. We could start to see more third-party accessories adopting this type of charging port. There could be an emergence of wireless speakers, and headphones with Lightning Ports instead of Micro-USB’s. This would mean an all-inclusive charger for those with several iOS devices.

Sling TV

The Sling TV is a cable TV alternative that will offer about 20 channels to US customers via online streaming, including ESPN, CNN, TBS, and TNT at just $20 per month. This TV will be compatible with iOS and Android devices, as well as Roku and Xbox One. The anticipated release is in the next few months.

Jawbone Up3

The current Jawbone accessory, Jawbone Up24, is one of the most stylish fitness trackers on the market. However, the Jawbone Up3 is rumored to add heart-rate monitoring. Health is important to consumers, and continual monitoring of health vitals will continue to progress in technology for 2015.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a network speaker that comes with phenomenal voice recognition. The Echo comes with a smooth voice called “Alexa” that works within its scope. The Wi-Fi setup can connect directly to the speaker via Bluetooth. We predict that voice control is going to continue to be an upcoming trend that will be more utilized by consumers in 2015.

Self-Driving Cars

There are already some cars on the market that include features such as parking assist and collision avoidance. Google, however, has completed a set of self-driving cars that could eventually become available to the general public as early as this year. There are many manufacturers that will be the first to market such as Tesla, Toyota, Audi, or BMW. Self-driving cars may become mainstream sooner than anticipated.

New Apple TV box

Although reports have not suggested seeing a full-on new Apple TV in the future, there is promise of an Apple TV box. Apple has loaded new channels and content on the Apple TV, but there is still hope that we will see new hardware for Apple TV in 2015.

Apple Watch

We’ve extensively covered the Apple Watch and what it will bring for iOS users; a new innovative product that will change the smartwatch game. The Apple Watch will ship in April and come in two sizes and three different styles which can be paired with an iPhone 5 or newer.

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