In the Market for Two iPhones? This Carrier Is Offering Buy One Get One 50% Off

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Well it looks like T-Mobile is at it again, this time with another promotion — mainly in an attempt to not only keep, but grow its base of faithful subscribers in the United States.

We recently sawT-Mobile’s BINGEon program hit the market to mixed fanfare, in addition to the company’s many attempts to underscore its rival’s pricing and boost data allowances. Now, however, T-Mobile is offering customers who purchase an iPhone on their network a SECOND iPhone for 50% off of the retail price.


The recently announced, limited-time promotion allows users to snag a set of new iPhones — or any other smartphone, for that matter — on the cheap. There is just one small caveat, however: The second device purchase, which is subject to the 50% off promotion, has to be from the same manufacturer as the first. In other words, if you want an iPhone with the latest discount, you’d have to buy another iPhone — or a Samsung and a Samsung, and so on and so forth. You get the picture.

Fortunately, the Magenta carrier currently has 35 New and Certified Pre-owned devices to choose from, including the latest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus handsets.

Also, as is generally the case with these types of promotions, T-Mobile’s is one that’s subject to a limited-time availability. And while it’s not clear exactly how long the promo will go on for, it is currently happening, like right now.

So if you’re hoping to get in on the latest handsets for as little investment as possible, you might want to get over to your local T-Mobile store as soon as possible.

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