iCloud Storage is Great but Expensive Compared to These Options

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Apple’s iCloud has been a mainstay in the world of cloud storage, providing seamless integration for Apple users across devices. It’s hard to deny the convenience that iCloud brings to the table, especially for those deeply entrenched in the Apple ecosystem. However, with convenience often comes a price, and in the case of iCloud, that price can be quite steep compared to some of its competitors.

Before we delve into the alternatives, let’s take a look at iCloud’s pricing structure.

iCloud Storage Pricing

iCloud+ Storage TierMonthly Cost
50 GB$0.99
200 GB$2.99
2 TB$9.99
6 TB$29.99
12 TB$59.99

Now, let’s explore some notable alternatives to iCloud storage.

Prism Drive – $89.99

Pros: Prism Drive is known for its user-friendly interface and high-speed file transfers.

Pricing: Depending on the promotions available, but you can get 10TB or more for less than what you’d pay for iCloud’s equivalent in less than three months.

Cons: As with many cloud storage solutions outside of iCloud, seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem can sometimes be lacking without an iPhone app.

Degoo – $99.99

Pros: Degoo offers a whopping 10 TB of online storage, with a focus on security and end-to-end encryption and offers an iOS app.

Pricing: Degoo has multiple tiers that provide good value, especially if you’re looking for more storage space. For instance, you can get up to 10TB for less than what you’d pay for iCloud’s 2TB over a year span.

Cons: It may not have the same smooth integration across Apple devices as iCloud.

2TB SSD External Drive – $79.99

Pros: Buying an external SSD means you pay once and get a large storage capacity. SSDs are known for their speed, reliability, and durability.

Pricing: The upfront cost of an external SSD might seem high, but considering that it’s a one-time purchase, it often works out cheaper in the long run compared to monthly cloud storage fees.

Cons: Physical drives can be lost, stolen, or damaged, and they don’t offer the same accessibility as cloud storage.

Think Different

iCloud undoubtedly offers a streamlined experience for Apple users but the tiers over 200GB can empty your wallet pretty quickly.

Simply put, Apple’s pricing might not be for everyone, especially when you require larger storage capacities. Additionally, when you consider the bigger picture — Apple, Google, DropBox, and Microsoft have a very similar pricing structure on their online storage products. On the other hand, the options mentioned above give you a storage solution that could meet your needs but also fits your budget. Whether it’s cloud storage or physical drives, the market offers these nice alternatives worth considering.


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