Hulu Adds Disney+ and ESPN+ to Live TV Plans | Prices Raise $5

Disney ESPN Hulu Bundle Credit: DANIEL CONSTANTE / Shutterstock
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On Friday, Hulu sent out an email to its subscribers, announcing that Hulu + Live TV will become a bundle with Disney+ and ESPN+ starting December 21. With the additions, the prices are increasing by $5 per month, whether you’re a new or existing customer.

Unfortunately, subscribers can not opt-out of the added services and higher subscription fees. So, if you have no interest in Disney+ or ESPN+ but would like to keep Hulu + Live TV, you’ll probably want to try to get some use out of the other two streaming platforms to make the most of your money.

The new prices will be as follows:

  • Hulu+ Live TV with on-demand ads: $69.99/month.
  • Hulu+ Live TV with no ads: $75.99/month.

Many people are unhappy with Hulu raising its prices once again since prices were hiked up by $1 just last month. Some are taking to Twitter to voice their frustration.

If you are already subscribed to Hulu + Live TV and have an existing Disney+ and/or ESPN+ subscription, you are in the best-case scenario because each service will roll into the new bundle plan, and you will actually end up paying less than you were.

Considering Disney’s most recent earnings report that showed the company added about 7 million fewer Disney+ subscribers than anticipated in Q4, it makes sense why they are adding a bundle that essentially forces people to subscribe.

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