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How Kim Kardashian Crashed the iOS App Store

How Kim Kardashian Crashed the iOS App Store
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Well it looks like Kim Kardashian West has officially broken the internet — once again. This time around, however, the actual world wide web, at large, isn’t necessarily the victim of her high-profile, celebrity shenanigans — but rather, Apple’s App Store is.

The app in question, which the 35-year old wife of iconic rapper Kanye West and mother of his two children is calling “Kimoji,” boasts over 250 specially designed emoticons — including a rendition of Kim in her third trimester of pregnancy, the infamous side-boob shot, big butt swimsuit selfies, and pages upon pages of others.

According to reports, at one time shortly after the $1.99 app’s release, it had been effectively downloaded by over 9,000 people simultaneously. But of course, scores and scores of Kardashian fans from across the globe were lining up in droves to get their hands, err, thumbs, on the latest and greatest in Kardashian goodness.

“Ahhhhhhhh I still cannot believe that we actually broke the entire App Store!!!! #KIMOJI,” Kardashian herself tweeted by Monday afternoon, even after some fans expressed frustration as a result of not being able to download the app.

“Apple, I’m so, so sorry I broke your App Store” she added.

The app is a mutual effort between Kardashian and Whalerock Digital Media Group, which is the exclusive producer of several different apps featuring the popular reality TV family.

Several fans, however, who were initially able to download the title, reported becoming flustered when the app simply did not work on their device.

For example, a seemingly frustrated LouLou A tweeted, “Kimoji is the worst app ever. Broken after one emoji. What do me and @eingoldby do now?”

Additionally, tweeted Tuesday morning by Josh Sadlock, “Is the $1.99 for the Kim Kardashian emoji keyboard the worst investment I could possibly make today? #kimoji”

Apparently these customers are not very happy..

In any case, you might recall a similar situation when, in early November 2014, Kardashian-West first revealed her famous butt and full frontal nudity shots in a cover and inside pictorial piece for Paper magazine — ultimately crashing the publication’s servers.

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