High-End Fitness Phenomenon, Peloton, Launches New Apple Watch App and More

Peloton Apple Watch Credit: Peloton
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Peloton on Wednesday announced that the company is releasing a new Apple Watch app, alongside a handful of other features like Amazon Fire TV integration.

The watchOS app will let users see various metrics and stats about their workouts just by glancing at their wrist, Peloton said. Runners will also be able to pause and restart their workouts by tapping on their Apple Watch — instead of having to pull out their iPhone.

Peloton’s Apple Watch integration may also allow users to get more accurate workout data. For example, tracking pace and distance for runs will be easier thanks to the watchOS app. Calorie counts overall will be more accurate by leveraging the Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor.

The fitness equipment maker also announced a new Peloton app that’s coming to Amazon Fire TV streaming devices and smart TVs in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. Users will also be able to control workouts via Alexa voice command.

Peloton makes a range of high-end exercise machines, including smart exercise bikes and treadmills, that it combines with online fitness classes.

The hardware membership costs $39 per month and allows users to stream fitness classes right to the built-in screens on the workout equipment. Peloton also offers a cheaper digital membership for classes that don’t require any of the company’s machines, such as yoga and running.

But Peloton also announced new pricing changes that hint that it wants to move beyond its primarily affluent user base.

The digital membership, for example, is getting slashed from $19.49 to $12.99. Peloton is also extending its free trial from 14 days to one month.

Despite the relatively high price of its equipment, the company has a cult following. Peloton’s die-hard fans, as well as the premium nature of its hardware and software, have led some to theorize that it may be an acquisition target for Apple.

That is made all the more likely by the fact that Apple has its own ambitions in the health, fitness and wellness spheres.

Peloton has sold fitness equipment and classes to about 1.6 million customers. The company said that its users have completed 17 million floor-based workouts in 2019.

As of Wednesday, the Peloton watchOS app should now be available to users from the App Store.

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