Here’s Why Your AirPods Aren’t Working with Slack on iPhone, Mac

Slack Not Working with AirPods Credit: Koshiro K / Shutterstock
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Working from home is the new normal, which means more and more people are using online tools like Slack. A few months ago, some Slack users were running into a significant problem with their AirPods not working with the service. It’s more than just annoying. It was literally ear-jarring for some folks.

According to multiple threads on Reddit, those who used Apple’s AirPods Pro could not use their earbuds with Slack calling on iOS or the Mac. When connected to the iOS app, users reported hearing a loud clicking noise when they were on a call. This noise was heard when using an iPhone or an iPad

Just got some AirPods pros to use at the office. It turns out they work with everything but slack calls. Cruel irony! Loud clicking in the iOS app, no audio in the Mac app.


This weird bug appeared to affect only AirPod Pro users. Those with regular AirPods reported no problems with the service.

I know this doesn’t really help but my AirPods (not Pro) work fine with all Slack apps.


How to Fix AirPods Not Working with Slack

Slack updated its iOS app and confirmed that it was experiencing an issue with calling and Bluetooth. In an update note, the company said that “people using Bluetooth sometimes heard a loud noise not generated by other people on their call. This was not a ghost, it was a bug (and is now fixed).”

If you are experiencing this problem with your AirPods on iOS, be sure to check the version of Slack you are running on your iPhone or iPad. Make sure that it is up to date.

You should also confirm that your AirPods are running the most current firmware version by going to Settings > General > About.

The AirPods should update the firmware automatically when they are in their charging case and near your iPhone. If you haven’t been using your AirPods in a while or just got a new pair, be sure they are connected via Bluetooth, put them in the charging case, and place them near your iPhone.

Though iPhone owners felt like they were being tased in the ear, Mac owners experienced no sound at all. Others could hear them, but they could not hear any of the other conversations.

Slack updated its Mac app a few times since this issue was first reported. The update notes do not mention a fix for this issue, though. If the issue persists, try connecting your AirPods to your Mac, then relaunching the Slack app.

Do you use Slack for working at home? Have you had this issue? Share your experiences in the comments section.

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