Here’s What’s New in tvOS 9.2

Here's What’s New in tvOS 9.2
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Alongside Apple’s release of the latest tvOS 9.2 beta 1, several of the impending features and software enhancements — specifically benefitting owners of the company’s fourth-generation Apple TV — are beginning to trickle their way into the lime light.

And although the list isn’t quite as robust as is the latest, impending version of iOS 9.3 that we recently reported on, there are still a number of new tricks and spiffy UI enhancements that, collectively, should be seen as a welcomed addition for users of Apple’s latest set-top box.


Additionally, software developers are still in the process of combing through tvOS 9.2, this is what has been discovered so far.

  • Folders: Just like in iOS, tvOS 9.2 now allows you to batch apps in folders that are created around specific themes — such as “productivity,” or “entertainment.”
  • Siri: Apple’s personal voice assistant has been upgraded to support a few additional languages in tvOS 9.2. (U.S. Spanish — in the U.S. only; French Canadian — for Canadian users only; and U.K. English, Australian, and U.S. English — for those in the U.K.)
  • App Switcher: The new app switcher in tvOS 9.2 has been enhanced, and now features an interface more along the lines of what you’d experience on iOS.
  • MapKit: With tvOS 9.2 comes support for Apple’s Maps app, thanks in part to the addition of MapKit support.
  • Podcasts: Just like on iOS, tvOS now features access to the official Podcasts app from Apple.
  • Bluetooth Keyboards: Perhaps the most anticipated new feature — especially for those who loathe the less than intuitive process of text entry on Apple TV — in tvOS 9.2 beta 1 is the ability to pair wireless Bluetooth Keyboards, such as Apple’s Magic Keyboard, for enhanced text entry.

So, as you can see, the list — though not too comprehensive — still includes a nice assortment of UI enhancements and upgrades. And, as is generally the case, additional tweaks will surely be added as we approach the official release of tvOS 9.2.

Which feature in the upcoming version of tvOS is your favorite so far?
Would you like to see Apple tack on anything else before the official release?

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