Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Tell Siri ‘108’

Here's How Siri Learns New Languages
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The latest “craze” to have swept the social media scene by storm is also, quite possibly, the most outright idiotic, dangerous, and yet wildly popular, we think we’ve ever seen.

We all know full well that Siri is capable of helping us carry out a number of tasks using just our iPhones and the sound of our voice. From pulling up turn-by-turn directions to our destination, to calculating simple math equations, or even throwing down a fresh new beat — there’s really not much Siri can’t do.

Apple has even made it easier than you might imagine to phone your local emergency services hotline — such as ‘9-1-1’ in the US, or ‘9-9-9’ in the UK. In fact, all you have to do is simply say, “Hey Siri,” followed by any given emergency service phone number on the face of the Earth and Siri will issue the call right then and there.

While this feature might seem convenient, and even lifesaving, an increasing number of insensitive jokesters have been making the “trick” go viral on social media in recent weeks that has angered authorities and law enforcement officials around the country.

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