New Concepts Show iPad, iMac + More with iPhone X Style Display

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What if every Apple device had an edge-to-edge, bezel-less display and a sensor notch design? Well, a new set of renders via German site imagines what that could look like.

The site has produced a set of concept images that show off what the iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch and iMac would look like with a bezel-free display — and the results are pretty stunning. You can also view a video of the renders below.

The edge-to-edge iPad concept, for example, looks incredible with an “all-display” design. There are no specs for the concept’s form factor, but it could obviously pack an impressive screen-to-body ratio — which, for pro users, means an extremely large display area to work with. The sensor notch, presumably, means that it would pack in a TrueDepth Camera and Face ID, too (something that’s already been predicted for future iPad models).

The MacBook and iMac renders are similarly impressive. The 12-inch MacBook concept manages to pack even more display into the already compact design. The iMac concept is also a breath of fresh air and certainly looks like what the Apple desktop of the future could be. More display means more bang for your buck, particularly for creatives and pro-users.

The Apple Watch render, however, is a bit of a mixed bag. Current Apple Watch models basically already have a bezel-free design, and the sensor notch takes up some of that display area. On the other hand, a sensor notch means that it would sport a camera. With the addition of cellular capability in the Series 3, a FaceTime camera on a future Apple Watch seems like the next logical step.

Notably, previously released a set of renders in September depicting a concept iPhone SE with an edge-to-edge display and no bezels. The iPhone SE still has a great form factor, and an edge-to-edge, 4-inch iPhone “XSE” is still on our wishlist.

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