Here Are the Top Features We Want to See on the Apple Watch 2


The Apple Watch is largely thought to have revolutionized the wearable technology, however many suggest that it will be better to wait for the second version of the device that to pull the trigger on the original.

Most companies make big refinements on a product between the release of the first version of that product and the second version. But exactly what refinements should we expect to be made in the Apple Watch 2? Here are some of the things we would like to see.

Apple Is Reported to Be Secretly Working on the Apple Watch 2

More Fitness Sensors

image2Currently the Apple Watch offers a standard array of sensors, but really not much else. A number of sensors were reportedly nixed in the original version of the Apple Watch, despite the fact that Apple might have liked to include them. These include things like skin conductivity and blood oxygen levels, which could be very helpful for both the fitness-aware among us and for people who need to monitor these things because of health issues that they might have.

In fact, rumors have even been circulating that Apple may even make a medically approved device, although that device won’t be the Apple Watch. While the current Apple Watch is just above standard when it comes to fitness tracking, we would like to see Apple go even further above and beyond.

A FaceTime Camera

image3Perhaps the name “FaceTime Camera” is a little misleading, because a camera could be used for far more than simple video chatting. A standard camera on the Apple Watch could be used for all sorts of features including things like gesture tracking.

Of course, video chatting is an important feature in itself. In the future, we really should be able to video conference from our wrist without having to go through much trouble, and if we’re essentially strapping tiny smartphones to our wrist, then a camera is a no-brainer.

More Connectivity

image4This one’s another no-brainer. The fact that the Apple Watch can really only be used to its fullest when it is connected, through Bluetooth, to an iPhone, is more than an inconvenience for many people. Apple should at least include Wi-Fi connectivity in the Apple Watch 2, however the trend seems to be that most manufacturers are including cellular connectivity in their smartwatches, something that would essentially allow users to use the watch as a standalone device, rather than having to connect to an iPhone all the time. In fact, even Android users could use an Apple Watch if this happened!

Better Battery Life

image5Apple has had a bit of a rough history when it comes to battery life on its mobile devices. The iPhone has long been criticized for its battery life, and the Apple Watch was no different when it was first released. We would love to see a far better battery life on the Apple Watch 2, something that could allow it to at least last a few days at a time. Of course, users might just have to get into the habit of charging their smartwatch every night, just like we do our smartphone, but it would be even better if we didn’t have to think about it so much.

A better battery life might not be absolutely necessary in day to day life, but there are plenty of situations in which it could be useful – for example, if you go on a camping trip, you’re not going to want your watch to run out of juice a day into the trip. Of course, you could bring an external battery of some kind, but Apple is all about making things just work, and users shouldn’t have to go through that.

More Design Choices

image6There’s no question that the Apple Watch is a pretty sleek device, but many suggest that it could use some improvement. Apart from being thinner, we would also like to see the Apple Watch being offered in a round version. Watches have traditionally been round, and while I’m all for going against tradition, in this case I think people would like to see something a little more familiar on their wrist, not something that looks like the shrunken smartphone that smartwatches tend to be.

Apart from that, Apple has been pretty good about offering a huge variety of watch bands and color options, so we can’t really complain there.

Over all the Apple Watch is a fantastic device, but with a few tweaks, it could become a staple in most American’s lives just like the iPhone.

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