Have a Broken iPhone? Apple Will Give You Cash for It

Have a Broken iPhone? Apple Will Give You Cash for It
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Apple is rolling out a new incentive meant to increase the number of users upgrading to new iPhones. There have been a number of predictions recently pointing towards a decline in iPhone sales in the upcoming months, so Apple seems determined to make sure those predictions don’t come true.

The iPhone trade in program was released a few years ago as a way to let iPhone owners get some credit towards the purchase of a new model. Under the current iPhone trade in program, Apple will not accept iPhones with damaged screens, cameras or buttons. That’s all about to change, so for those of you stuck with a busted iPhone 5s, you finally have an incentive to upgrade.

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The updated program will finally allow Apple Stores to give credit for iPhone 5s and iPhone 6/6 Plus models with damaged displays. Apple expects the move to increase iPhone upgrades by giving users an incentive to purchase a new model rather than opting to repair the screen of their current iPhone.

In fact, buying a new iPhone under the upgraded plan may be cheaper than paying for a repair, which can be expensive. Considering the subsidies and financing plans along with the credit given for an old iPhone, upgrading may be a sensible option for those with a busted iPhone.

The first reports regarding the updated program suggest users of damaged iPhones can receive up to $50 for a 5s, $200 for a 6, and $250 for a 6 Plus. Keep in mind that the program is brand new so it’s unclear exactly what conditions Apple will consider when you trade in your iPhone. For example, I assume a 5s with a completely shattered screen, broken camera and messed up home button will not receive the full $50.

Regardless, this new program gives iPhone owners who have had mishaps a chance to earn credit towards a new device. The program is a win-win, which will allow Apple to sell new devices and customers to save a little cash on the latest and greatest iPhone models.

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Along with the upgraded trade in program, Apple recently announced another initiative the company will begin rolling out soon. Over the coming weeks, Apple Stores will start offering screen protector installations on iPhones. If you have ever attempted to install an iPhone screen protector yourself, you know why this is good news.

Apple has partnered with Belkin, a well regarded iPhone and iPad accessory maker, to bring the service to Apple Stores. The service will reportedly be performed by dedicated screen protector installation machines, making the process efficient and minimizing the risk of errors.

In the past Apple Store employees were forbidden from performing screen protector installations on customer iPhones due to the risk of something going wrong. It makes sense why Apple would be hesitant to install a third-party product, but the new program will add a level of convenience to customers who decide to purchase a screen protector.

Not surprisingly, Apple will offer a free screen protector replacement and installation if the first attempt is unsuccessful. It appears the installation service will be a perk for purchasing a Belkin branded screen protector.

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