Got Money to Blow? Consider This Ultra-Rare Bentley iPhone X

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If you’ve ever thought that the iPhone X isn’t luxurious — or expensive — enough, then Bentley might have just the thing for you.

While the premium Apple flagship is already the most expensive iPhone the company has released, luxury car manufacturer Bentley has taken the handset and kicked it up a notch with what appears to be its own limited iPhone X.

The Bentley iPhone X apparently sports an 18 karat gold frame in place of stainless steel (though we’re not sure if it’s gold-plated or solid). Additionally, there seems to be another inlay of gold wrapping around the dual-lens camera module. In place of the iconic Apple logo, Bentley has clad the iPhone in its own signature winged branding, with an additional distinctive pattern on its back casing.

But that’s not all, the iPhone X is so limited edition that Bentley has only made 100 of the devices. Reportedly, the Bentley iPhone Xs are being handcrafted by a luxury custom handset firm called Golden Ace Geneva based out of Vietnam.

The device’s existence first surfaced on Instagram, when one of the iPhone Xs was spotted in a post by TheLuxuriousCave. The iPhone X in question appears to be number 19 out of 100.

Of course, there’s currently no word on how much the special edition flagship will cost — or even how one would purchase it. Neither Golden Ace Genera or Bentley has posted any information about the luxury device, and it’s not listed for sale on any online store or website.

Since the customized iPhone X doesn’t seem to be available for purchase, we can assume that it might be a special perk or addon for customers who purchase a Bentley car.

But, just for reference, the cheapest Bentley retails for upwards of $180,000. So, even though we don’t have a price range for this iPhone X, we can still safely assume that the only people who will own the device will be pretty well-off.

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