Google’s New Android Wear Smartwatches Could Look Like This

Google’s New Android Wear Smartwatches Could Look Like This
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According to a new exclusive report by Android Police, the two new Android Wear smartwatches that Google has been developing may look something like the watches depicted in the rendering above. The two watches, codenamed Angelfish and Swordfish, are Google’s response to the Apple Watch.

The larger of the two models is the Angelfish, which features a slick and minimalist watch face with customizable apps. The smaller and lighter Swordfish, on the other hand, has a thinner crystal bezel and even barer watch face with fewer apps visible on it. Of the two, the Angelfish has a more robust and sportier design, in line with the greater features and applications that it holds.

Android Police noted that the strap and lug design of the Angelfish suggests that this model will not support the use of Google MODE Android Wear watchbands. The Swordfish is not only slimmer and lighter, but it also supports the use of MODE watchbands.

Android Police reports that they were able to get a hold of some information from a source, which they then proceeded to make a reproduction of. The above images do not purport to be real depictions of the watches themselves; rather they are “recreations of primary source material for the sake of anonymity of [Android Police’s] source.”

The Android-focused news outlet is reporting that it is 70% confident that the images they have rendered accurately represent the prototypes. That being said, readers should remember that the watches are still in development, which means their designs are still subject to change prior to release.

The Angelfish and Swordfish are expected to be released sometime after the new Nexus phones drop, which is to say we have little clue when exactly they are coming.

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