Google Explains Why the Pixel 6 Fingerprint Sensor Is Supposed to Seem Faulty

google pixel 6 Credit: The Keyword
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Google released the new Google Pixel 6 recently, and people love it. Well, they love most of it anyway. There has been a significant amount of complaints about one thing overall: the in-display fingerprint sensor. 

Many Pixel 6 users have reported that the new device’s fingerprint sensor is “ruining their experience” because it’s not working properly. The Pixel 6 often doesn’t recognize the user’s fingerprints and takes a while to give a response.

Many people have complained to Google on Twitter, and the company finally responded. However, it’s not something most users would want to hear. According to Google, the fingerprint sensor is working as intended because it “utilizes enhanced security algorithms.”

According to Made By Google on Twitter, the fingerprint sensor takes longer to verify the user’s fingerprint because of the added protection. Still, we don’t know if this really makes the Pixel 6 more secure than other devices that use an in-display fingerprint sensor. 

Based on its response, it doesn’t seem like Google is working to fix this inconvenience. There is a way to troubleshoot fingerprint issues on the Pixel 6, but many people say that doing so doesn’t solve the problem.

This isn’t the only issue the Pixel 6 users have experienced. Some people’s Pixel 6 display has had flickering problems, and others have accidentally called people from their contact list. 

Google isn’t the only company guilty of saying faulty devices are working properly. Recently, Apple also said that the iPad mini’s jelly scrolling, where one side of the display refreshes faster than the other, is a “normal behavior” and basically insists that it can’t be fixed.

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