Funniest Moments and Tweets from Apple’s WWDC ’19 Keynote

Tim Cook Cheese Grater Credit: The Blast / Apple / Shutterstock
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Apple’s WWDC ’19 keynote address was jam-packed with exciting announcements regarding the company’s latest software innovations and more. And as with any live presentation, it had its fair share of amusing moments.

While Tim Cook and his crew aren’t necessarily comedians by trade, the internet seems to be full of them. Here are some of the funniest moments and Tweets from Apple’s WWDC keynote.

Funniest Tweets from WWDC ’19

First off, Apple’s top-brass spewed a ton of information in just two hours. For most of us, it was difficult to keep up..

And it’s true that Apple’s redesigned Mac Pro looks a bit like a cheese grater. That fact alone inspired some truly cheesy jokes..

And while the presentation was a bit difficult to keep up with, one bit of information that nobody could miss was the fact that Apple’s selling its Pro Display Stand separately for $1,000. A $1,000 stand to hold your $5,000 monitor?

So we might want to pass on the ultra-expensive Pro Display Stand – but iOS 13, that’s something we want now. Although, it’s important to remember that betas are buggy and aren’t ideal to install on our daily drivers..

But even when the official version of iOS 13 rolls out, not everyone will get to enjoy it..

Users have a love/hate relationship with Apple’s iconic white accessories; but if you were paying close attention, you might’ve noticed something interesting about the particular cables Apple used during the presentation..

Some might argue that the future is in the cloud, but not everyone is convinced. USB drive compatibility is coming to the iPad in iOS 13, but Apple took a moment to remind us how they feel about the aging tech..

If you missed the keynote, check out Twitter’s summary of the event below (as well as our full coverage of iOS 13 here).

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