Frankenstein’s Monster and the iPhone 7 Star in Apple’s Touching New Holiday Ad

Frankenstein’s Monster and the iPhone 7 Star in Apple’s Touching New Holiday Ad
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Apple is yet again aiming to stir hearts in their latest holiday ad, which features Frankenstein’s monster attempting to serenade a holiday crowd.

The two-minute long TV spot, directed by Lance Acord and dubbed “Frankie’s Holiday,” starts with a scene of the notorious monster sitting on a chair and recording a music box rendition of “(No Place Like) Home for the Holidays” with his iPhone 7’s Memos app.

Frankenstein’s monster then picks up a small package near his mailbox containing holiday light bulbs. He stumbles into a crowded town square amidst gasps from the local townspeople, and screws the green- and red-colored bulbs into the bolts in his neck. The townspeople look skeptical, scare, and maybe even a bit angry as Frankie meekly beings to sing — the crowd whispers suspiciously as his voice trails off, and one of the light bulbs goes out.

Then, a small girl from the crowd gestures the monster over. She fixes the malfunctioning light bulb in Frankie’s neck, and begins singing where Frankie left off. The other townspeople then join in, eventually erupting in a chorus of voices, and bringing a tear to the monster’s eye. It ends with the tagline: “Open your heart to everyone.”

It’s certainly a touching ad. “Frankie’s Holiday” is “beautifully shot,” and reminds us “friends and family aren’t the only people who might need comforting at this time of year,” Ad Week’s Tim Nudd wrote. The ad’s magical and otherworldly touches help keep it light enough to not come across as explicitly political. And the ad’s message of acceptance — even of those who are different than ourselves — coincides perfectly with Apple’s devotion to social justice, diversity and equality.

Apple has long tried to pull at viewer’s heartstrings with its ads — and normally, the company’s devices take a backseat to the overall narrative. In 2014, Apple aired a holiday ad called “The Song,” which featured a young woman using the company’s computers to record a duet of her and her grandmother. A 2013 Apple ad called “Misunderstood,” also directed by Acord, starred a teenager constantly staring at his phone during family gatherings — but the commercial eventually revealed that he was only creating and editing a family movie to show everyone. That ad went on to win an Emmy for “Outstanding Commercial,” AppleInsider reported.

Apple’s reputation for creating emotional, funny and thoroughly memorable ads is well-deserved, and this year’s touching and magical TV spot is no different — especially when its message is so relevant in a time where we might feel more divided than ever.

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