4 Tech Habits You Should Start for 2015

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It’s a new year, so you should start it off right by instilling some new habits that will make your tech life much easier.  We’ll offer you some suggestions that will greatly benefit your technology operations and give you some peace of mind.

Use a Different Password for Every Site

If you use the same passwords for multiple sites, someone who hacks one site would have access to all of your information across multiple platforms. It’s not convenient to have more than one password to memorize, which is why it’s helpful to have a password manager like LastPass or 1Password. This will store your usernames and passwords for you as well as generate new passwords for you.

Back up Your Photos

Imagine losing hundreds of important photos because you didn’t regularly sync your phone to your laptop. If your phone is your main camera source, then this is an easy problem to avoid. You can actually download an app that will automatically backup your photos and videos to the cloud. If you like Google, you can use Google+ on iOS to set up an auto back up. Dropbox will also perform the same function if you turn on the camera upload option.

Set Proper Facebook Settings

It’s important that you go into your Facebook settings so you can make sure that the content you are posting can only be seen by those you want to see. You should make a point to look at your profile the way others see it so you can decide what changes you need t make to your share settings. You should also make sure you are browsing securely. To do this, go to security settings and play around with what login notifications and approvals you want for your profile.

Don’t Use Flash on Your Laptop

Having flash on all the time can cause your computer fans to spin up to try and cool down your PC. It’s time you try giving up having Flash running by installing plug-ins that won’t load Flash content unless you’re on a whitelist site or if you click the flash button to load. This will also help to save battery life on your device. If you use Google Chrome, try FlashControl or FlashBlock if you’re on Firefox.

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