Forget iOS 15, You Can Now Run iOS 4 on Your iPhone

OldOS Credit: Zane / OldOS
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There’s no doubt that iOS 15 will be the best version available once it comes out, but on many levels, it just can’t compete with the classics, like iOS 4.

iOS 4 was the first “iOS” after Apple ditched the original iPhone OS name. It was such an iconic moment in the history of the iPhone that a developer rebuilt it for Apple’s current generation of phones.

Meet OldOS, an app that recreates everything that was great about iOS 4, but in your current iPhone.

The Past and the Future Collide

Zane, the developer behind OldOS, created this app to be as close to pixel-perfect as possible. The app is a fully functional representation of iOS 4, and Zane claims that it might even work as a second OS.

Introducing OldOS — iOS 4 beautifully rebuilt in SwiftUI. OldOS is a testament to the days of yesteryear, showcasing what iOS once was ten years ago.

Most of the apps inside OldOS are fully functional, and they work as they did ten years ago. You can browse the web with the old Safari, get directions from the Maps app, and even listen to music with iPod.

Of course, not every app works right now. Some apps, like YouTube, and the Messages app still have some problems –but that won’t stop Zane, who claims “they’re coming soon.”

The best part is that OldOS will be open-sourced, which means more developers can jump in and create their own apps in iOS 4’s classic skeuomorphic style.

How to Download OldOS

Whether you want to experience iOS 4 for the first time, or you’re looking for a blast from the past, you can download OldOS on your iPhone right now.

  1. You can download OldOS by using Apple’s Testflight app. As of right now, there are two links available for Testflight, but you should be quick since the beta might get full before you know it.
  2. After you have the Testflight app, click this link to join the OldOS beta. If this beta is full, try the OldOS 2 beta.
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