Ford Recalls 48,000+ Mustang Mach-Es Over Dangerous Battery Problem Rendering the Vehicles Immobile

Ford says overheating “can result in a loss of motive power, which can increase the risk of an accident.”
Mustang Mach E GT Credit: Roman Belogorodov / Shutterstock
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Ford continues to struggle with the Mach-E crossover SUV. When it was introduced, car fanatics questioned Ford’s naming choice, borrowing the muscle car name and applying it to a four-door family car. Now the carmaker is forced to issue a recall on the much-maligned vehicle thanks to a battery issue that could stop the car dead in its tracks.

As reported by CNBC, Ford recently issued a recall for more than 48,000 Mach-E vehicles due to a battery malfunction that could unexpectedly render the car immobile.

Overheating in the battery’s high voltage contactors could cause the vehicle to fail to start or, even worse, cause it to lose power while driving.

Ford explains in its recall notice that this overheating “can result in a loss of motive power, which can increase the risk of an accident.”

The company initially claimed all its Mach-E cars were plagued by this problem but later limited the recall to select models built at the automaker’s Cuautitlan plant in Mexico. This issue reportedly affects nearly 49,000 Mustand Mach-E vehicles sold in 2021 and 2022.

Even with the revised number, this value accounts for almost half of the estimated 100,000 Mach-E cars sold in this time frame.

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Ford claims it can fix the overheating issue with an over-the-air software update that will be released sometime next month.

Owners who want an immediate fix can bring their Mach-E to a Ford or Lincoln dealership which can apply a software patch.

Ford did not include a stop-driving order in its notice, so owners can continue to use their car until a fix has been applied.

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