Florida UPS Driver Arrested for Stealing iPhone X He Delivered Earlier

Florida UPS Driver Arrested for Stealing iPhone X He Delivered Earlier
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The iPhone X, with its $1,000 price tag, is proving to be an enticing device. So enticing, in fact, that one UPS driver allegedly stole a package containing the device after delivering it just hours earlier.

The UPS driver routinely delivered the package containing the Apple flagship to the recipient’s front porch in St. Pete Beach, Florida, according to Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department records. But the driver then allegedly returned two hours later, stuffed the package under his shirt, and ran away, local media outlet ABC Action News reported.

But the homeowner and recipient of the iPhone X delivery, Jovita Acute-Parker, had installed two surveillance cameras at her front door. The video camera showed the man, wearing a UPS vest, delivering the package as normal. But a video from two hours later showed the same man, this time without a vest, stealing the package.

Acute-Parker later watched the video with her sister, and they both couldn’t believe what they were seeing. “As soon as she pulled up the video, she’s like OMG somebody’s stealing your box. It’s an iPhone that they’re stealing because there are two big other envelopes there,” Acute-Parker told ABC Action News.

The UPS driver was later identified as Jason Mohn, 47, of St. Petersburg, Florida. A police report indicates that the iPhone X was found among Mohn’s personal belongings at his workplace by a UPS supervisor. Investigators say Mohn was a UPS contractor but added that he was fired on the spot after the device was found.

Acute-Parker said that the iPhone X package was “$999 plus tax, so it’s $1,068 something dollars.” As such, Mohn will face a grand theft charge — which is a felony crime.

“Stupidest thief ever,” Acute-Parker said.

The iPhone X will soon be returned to Acute-Parker, who plans on wrapping the phone as a gift for a friend.

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