Florida Nurse Says Apple Watch Burned and Scarred Her Arm, Comes Forward After Apple Allegedly Blames ‘Allergies’

Nurse at Hospital Credit: Cryptographer / Shutterstock
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A woman in Florida reached out to local news station 7News Miami claiming her Apple Watch Series 5 burned her arm. She shared her story in hopes of preventing others from suffering her fate. She came forward after Apple support blamed the injury on allergies and refused to acknowledge the severity of the burn.

According to the woman, identified only as Jenn, she woke up one morning and took off her watch to charge it. She then noticed a round and painful blister on her wrist where she wore her Apple Watch. “It was a burn on my arm,” said Jenn to 7News Miami. “It’s a blister. It’s a burn. I’m permanently scarred now,” said Jenn.

She then contacted Apple support to find out what the company would do about this burn.

Apple then asked Jenn about any changes in her wearing habits:

“They asked if I put on new lotion or any new creams or if I’m allergic to latex or metal. You know: ever had an allergic reaction? If I’m cleaning the watch properly,” said Jenn to 7News.

She told 7News that it was not an allergic reaction and added that she is a nurse and knows a burn when she sees one.

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She has owned the Apple Watch Series 5 for more than a year without any issues. During her conversation with Apple support, she even shared a photo from last year that shows she did not always have this burn mark.

Jenn said she hopes that Apple follows up with her case and looks into how the company is making these devices. She would like the company to warn other people about this potential injury or possibly even recall all Series 5 watches.

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