First Legitimate iPhone X Impression Videos Surface Online

First iPhone X Reviews and Impression Videos Surface Online
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Over the weekend, Apple invited a number of YouTubers, tech writers and other media personalities to a private event in New York. Reportedly, in a nondescript building, the attendees got to spend some limited, hands-on time with the upcoming OLED Apple flagship. The iPhone X, of course, hasn’t even been officially released. But unlike the unsanctioned clip posted by an Apple engineer’s daughter, Cupertino has actually allowed them to post their experiences online.

Among those invited to test out the new device were popular online outlets and print publications such as Highsnobiety, BooredAtWork, Popular Science, and Canada-based Fashion Magazine. YouTube content creators like Mark Watson of “Soldier Knows Best” and French channel “TheiCollection” also got a chance to get up close and personal with the new device. Watch the videos below.

The majority of the videos were quick first impression clips, rather than in-depth reviews — but the personalities all gave praise for various features such as Face ID, Animoji, ARKit, wireless charging and the new front-facing Portrait Mode. They do give a good breakdown of the main new features of the iPhone X — but we’ll probably have to wait until Thursday or Friday before we start to see a wider range of in-depth reviews pop up online.

In addition, Apple provided a review unit of the iPhone X to Steven Levy, who was notably one of the first reviewers of the original iPhone 10 years ago. Levy got to spend a bit more time with the OLED flagship and published an in-depth review and impression of the handset on Wired.

Levy said that the “biggest change” for the iPhone X is its screen, which is probably expected. The tech writer said that the experience was “greatly pleasurable” when performing a wide range of tasks, from watching a movie to swiping through social media.

On the subject of Face ID, Levy said that it seemed like a reliable and secure authentication method — he tested it with other people’s faces, as well as a picture of his own face, to no avail. Although his time with the device was fairly short, he noted that he has already “mastered” the intuitive new gestures of the device.

The iPhone X will officially launch this Friday, Nov. 3, when it will start shipping out to customers. But Apple has also confirmed that limited quantities of the iPhone X will be available for in-store purchase, either at its own retail outlets or at authorized resellers.

Of course, if you haven’t preordered the handset yet, it might be hard to get your hands on one this year. However, most analysts predict supply to stabilize by early 2018.

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