You Can Now Summon Google Assistant on iPhone Using This Weird Command

Google Assistant Iphone Credit: La Manzana Mordida
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When it first arrived on iOS back in 2017, Google’s voice-driven personal assistant app (simply dubbed, Google Assistant) allowed iPhone users to carry-out a range of voice-directed activities, including asking questions, ordering food for delivery, or controlling their smart home devices and more using Google’s Siri-crushing AI on iOS.

But while Google’s highly-accurate voice assistant offers a wealth of new features for iOS users, it wasn’t until earlier this week when the platform officially gained the ability to access Google Assistant using a verbal command via Siri Shortcuts.

How Does It Work?

As noted in a report by The Verge, a software update released this week enabled Google Assistant on iOS to support Siri Shortcuts integration.

This means that you’ll now be able to record a phrase — for example, “Okay, Google” — to open the Google Assistant iOS app on command, much in the same way Apple’s “Hey Siri” functionality works. 

The process of using the new feature, however, is a bit tongue-twisting. You’ll still need to say “Hey Siri,” in addition to your newly recorded “Okay, Google” (or whatever command) you choose. Ultimately, you’ll be saying something along the lines of “Hey Siri, Okay Google” within the same breath.. 

Of course, while merely tossing that mouthful around in your mind might be enough to discourage you from setting-up and using it in the first place, it’s worth pointing out how much more advanced, accurate and reliable Google’s voice driven personal assistant platform is, vis á vis, Apple’s Siri, according to the raw truth.

So while the new Siri shortcut for Google Assistant requires a bit of extra input and configuration from the end-user, the convenience and accuracy it offers should still be enough to sway [most] voice assistant users.

To download and configure Google Assistant for iOS with Siri Shortcuts, be sure to download the latest version of both apps from the iOS App Store by clicking the links provided.


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