Why 1/4 of Apple Employees Are Deleting Their Facebook Accounts

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Nearly a quarter of Apple employees indicated in a recent survey that they plan to delete their Facebook accounts.

To be more specific, of the 256 full-time Apple employees who responded to a recent Blind survey, approximately ~22 percent indicated their intent to close out their Facebook accounts in the near future, while an additional 20 percent indicated they’ve never been on Facebook.

The survey, which sought to assess the sentiments of Facebook users amid the social media-giant’s major scandals and fallouts this year, was conducted and analyzed by Blind — described as an anonymous social network app that’s exclusively used by “professionals to raise concerns they otherwise can’t in their workplaces.”

Blind is particularly popular among tech workers, and especially those employed in and around the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area. An estimated 7,000 Apple employees subscribe to the app, and its membership base also includes over 44,000 Microsoft, and 30,000 Amazon, employees.

Why Are People Leaving Facebook in Droves?

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know it’s been a rather unfortunate year for Facebook, with the company finding itself entwined in several high-profile data and consumer privacy scandals which appear to have spooked a good percentage of Apple employees into wanting away with the social media platform.

The Menlo Park, California-based company has been in “crisis mode” for the majority of 2018, suffering the major political and social blowback resulting from its Cambridge Analytics data scandal, where the advertising firm was found to have illegally harvested and shared the data of millions of Facebook user with political campaigns, and without their consent.

Back in September, Facebook again found itself in hot water when the company acknowledged hackers breaching its servers and obtaining information on millions of users.

These scandals prompted Blind to send out the single question — Will the latest data breach case you to delete your Facebook account? — to its entire base of over 250,000 users.

In total, 5,200 Blind users responded to the question, with 16 percent indicating that yes, they plan to delete their Facebook account, 66 percent saying no, and over 17 percent saying they are not on Facebook to begin with.


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