UK Brewery Debuts World’s First Beer Brewed with Artificial Intelligence

UK Brewery Debuts World’s First Beer Brewed with Artificial Intelligence
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A brewery in the UK is now using artificial intelligence to help brew its beer.

The “world’s first beer brewed by artificial intelligence,” as the company calls it, is created with the help of algorithms that process feedback from drinkers of the brew, according to Engadget.

“We’re using AI to give our brewer superhuman skills, enabling them to test and receive feedback on our beer more quickly than ever before,” Cofounder Hew Leith said in a statement to CNET.

The London-based brewery, dubbed IntelligentX, is a collaborative effort between AI learning company Intelligent Layer and 10x, an innovation and creative agency.

The AI that helps brew the beer is actually a Facebook Messenger chat bot — named the Artificial Beer Intelligence — that interviews consumers about the beer, asking them various questions concerning the taste and quality, Engadget reports.

The bot is then designed to crunch the results and find trends that could be used to improve the recipe — and eventually make the beer better.

This type of consumer feedback is typically a lengthy process, requiring in-person interviews and human analysis. IntelligentX hopes to change that.

What’s more is that the AI is self-learning. Meaning that it will become better at crunching the data and making suggestions as it “learns” about drinker’s tastes, according to CNET.

IntelligentX is currently serving four different styles of beer: Amber AI, Black AI, Golden AI and Pale AI.

Those four brews have undergone a yearlong trial period with the new AI. Engadget reports that they’ve been tweaked 11 times since they were released

Although it’s a UK-based brewery, the company said that its beers should be available for sale online in the coming weeks, CNET reports,

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