Uber Officially Rolls Out Loyalty Rewards Program in Nine Cities Today

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Uber on Wednesday launched a new loyalty program that lets users earn points toward tier levels that offer various perks and rewards.

The aptly named Uber Rewards will let users of the ridesharing service earn points for every dollar spent on Uber products. The program also has four tiers, Blue, Gold, Platinum and Diamond — which correspond with the specific rewards available to members.

Users will also earn varying amounts of points based on the service that they use.

  • Uber Pool rides and Uber Eats orders result in one point for every dollar spent.
  • UberX, UberXL, Uber Select and wheelchair-accessible vehicles result in two points for every dollar spent.
  • Uber Black and Uber SUV result in three points for every dollar spent.

How users get to the various tiers is fairly simple. Everyone starts off at the Blue tier. If you rake in 500 points, you’ll ascent to the Gold tier. The Platinum and Diamond tiers are unlocked after 2,500 points and 7,500 points, respectively.

How Are Points Earned?

Points are earned over six-month periods, which are tied to the date users sign up for the program. When they unlock a tier in a specific period, they’ll remain on that tier through the remainder of it as well as an additional six months. After that, points reset to zero.

Along the way, Uber will credit users $5 to their accounts for every 500 points that they earn.

The aforementioned tiers are tied to the perks you can use. Gold members have flexible cancellations and priority support from customer service members. Platinum members get priority pickup at airports and capped ride fares between two preset destinations.

Diamond members can expect 24/7 customer phone support; complimentary surprise upgrades at no additional cost; access to more experienced and higher rated drivers; and no delivery fee on three Uber Eats orders every six months.

Sound Familiar?

If rideshare rewards sound familiar, it’s because Lyft recently launched their own loyalty program this week. Lyft’s program works slightly differently, with no reward tiers and a more streamlined perk redemption process.

But Uber’s announcement just goes to show how closely the two ridesharing giants are competing with each other. Both companies also launched subscription services that offer free or discounted rides for a monthly fee.

Uber Rewards officially launch in nine markets on Nov. 14 — Miami, Denver, Tampa, New York, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Diego and across New Jersey.

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