This iPhone App Can Finally Help Put an End to Those Infuriating Robocalls

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Robocalls are both annoying and a potential security risk, and they’re a problem that’s only getting worse. But you can help keep robocalls at bay just by using this highly-rated app on your iPhone.

The app is called Call Control – it uses first-party, crowdsourced data and FTC/FCC Do Not Call lists to block unsolicited robocalls and text messages. And with more than 12 million users, the service’s CommunityIQ system has a ton of useful data to leverage in the fight against spam calls.

When you report a call as a robocall or spam call on the app, you’re also helping out the entire Call Control community. And because the app silences calls or texts it identifies as spammy, you won’t be disturbed and you won’t need to manually “hang up” on any calls.

Of course, with number spoofing and other techniques, scammers can find ways around crowdsourced data. But luckily, Call Control also supports unlimited allows and block lists — so you can manually blacklist any number that manages to make it through to you.

The platform also features enhanced caller ID and a reverse phone number lookup service, so you can actually know whether it’s the IRS or a scammer who is calling you. There are also settings to automatically block toll-free, 1-800, unknown and private numbers.

Call Control can deal with annoying marketing robocalls, but it can also keep you safer by blocking scam and phishing calls. That’s especially useful in an era when scammers are utilizing increasingly sophisticated tactics to try and trick users into handing over sensitive information.

Beyond call blocking, Call Control comes packed with other useful features, too. That includes a customizable do not disturb mode, call history and call logs, contacts and settings backup, and wildcard blocking.

For users concerned about privacy, Call Control pledges that the app won’t use any of your personal data in any manner unless you specifically instruct it to.

The app itself, which is intuitive and easy to use, is available for both iOS and Android. While it’s free to download, some of its most powerful features are restricted to the premium subscription.

But you can get a full year of premium Call Control service here for $19.99. All you need to do is redeem your offer code in the app within 30 days of purchase.

Call Control Iphone Xs

Call Control Premium

Give Robocallers the Boot with This AI-Based Tool That’s Blocked Over 1 Billion Calls.

  • Block calls from anyone with a personal call & SMS blacklist.
  • Use reverse phone number lookup to reveal unknown numbers.
  • Keep your phone from ringing at night or during important meetings with Quiet Hours.
  • Know whether an IRS scammer or legitimate business is calling you with enhanced caller ID.
  • Automatically block known spam callers with reports from CommunityIQ.
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