The Germans Have Taught a Robot How to Grill the Perfect Sausage

The Germans Have Taught a Robot How to Grill the Perfect Sausage
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The Germans certainly have their priorities straight. The latest marvel of flawless German engineering comes in the form of the BratWurst Bot, which, as its name suggests, can cook a mean brat.

While the rest of the world concerns itself with self-driving cars and other new-fangled contraptions, a group of enterprising Berliners have decided that grilling bratwurst robotically is the next Big Thing. According to a new report by Popular Science, engineers with the nonprofit research center FZI have developed a robot that, when equipped with tongs and a hot grill, cooks sausages to a perfect crisp. At an event this month, BratWurst Bot grilled and served 200 of the iconic German staple.

It even locates vacant spaces on the grill to maximize the number of sausages being cooked at once, turns them, and plates them. All the while, the robot utters funny German phrases such as “hot and greasy” from its silly animated tablet-face, which has been festooned with a chef’s hat and wriggling mustache.

Guests simply have to enter their order on the tablet, which then loads the request into a queue and displays the name of the guest along with estimated time to completion. The robot is completely autonomous, and takes things from there, according to Eater.

Eater also reports that the Chinese, not to be outdone in the field of techno-gastronomy, have developed a robot that cooks a mean bowl of ramen.

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