T-Mobile Will Kill off Sprint This Summer

Sprint Store Credit: DW Labs / Shutterstock
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T-Mobile and Sprint, two of the four largest brands in cell service, have been in a long-term agreement seeking unification for more than a year. In April 2020, T-Mobile and Sprint finally completed their merger, with John Legere stepping down from his role as CEO of T-Mobile.

And now, the new T-Mobile is taking further measures to combine the two forces into a singular entity. Sprint stores are set to become T-Mobile stores by the end of summer. In other words, Sprint, as a brand, will no longer exist.

Reportedly, the merger won’t affect Sprint customers in a meaningful manner. T-Mobile’s CEO promised that Sprint customers will be able to keep their plans for the time being and that new customers will be encouraged to sign up for T-Mobile over Sprint in the future.

It’s expected that these changes will occur by the end of summer 2020, with the entirety of the merger occurring over a three year period.

This isn’t to say users should not expect to see any rough patches in the coming weeks and months. As with most significant mergers, these types of events usually lead to complications for the companies and their customers, likely even more so during a pandemic.

Mix in the ongoing upgrades to 5G infrastructure – there is a lot at play.

But, on the bright side, customers who operate under Sprint are already able to take advantage of T-Mobile’s reliable network.

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