T-Mobile Unexpectedly Dropped the HTC 10 Flagship Smartphone

T-Mobile Unexpectedly Dropped the HTC 10 Flagship Smartphone
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HTC is having a rough year, it seems.

T-Mobile is reportedly pulling the HTC 10 off of its shelves after just two months on the market, due to the flagship’s poor sales, according to ARSTechnica.

It’s not entirely clear when the phone disappeared from T-Mobile’s shelves, but according to a Reddit post, the HTC was dropped from T-Mobile’s online store as early as July 21.

“I spoke to customer service and confirmed they are no longer offering the HTC 10. I was told I might find them in store, but cannot guarantee it,” the Reddit user wrote.

Originally thought of as a glitch in T-Mobile’s system, it’s now been realized that the HTC 10 is gone for good from T-Mobile’s lineup.

And it’s not that the HTC 10 is a bad phone, by any stretch. It’s outfitted with pretty good hardware and specifications for a flagship, it runs Android smoothly, and its aluminum design speaks of quality.

But it seems like the HTC 10’s competition — like the LG G5 and the premium Samsung Galaxy S7 series — is slowly edging the phone out of the race. Even OnePlus is offering a device that is neck-in-neck, spec-wise, with the HTC 10, and for significantly cheaper, according to Engadget.

A sad fate for what ARSTechnica once called “the best Android flagship of 2016.”

If you’re still on the lookout for a HTC 10, you might still find one at a T-Mobile brick-and-mortar store. But the limited quantities already out there won’t be restocked by the carrier in the weeks or months to come, Android Police reported.

On top of the fading glory of the HTC 10, the company’s smartphone sales are down across the board. HTC has been losing money for four consecutive fiscal quarters, Engadget reports.

It seems that, to survive in an ever-increasingly competitive smartphone market, the Taiwanese-based company needs to bank on non-US sales, and the other carriers who continue to stock the phone.

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