T-Mobile CEO Warns Us Not to Get ‘Verizoned’

T-Mobile CEO Warns Us Not to Get ‘Verizoned’
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T-Mobile CEO John Legere doesn’t pull any punches, especially when it comes to the wireless carrier’s arch nemesis Verizon. In the past, the T-Mobile exec has derided Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo as a “mess”, and referred to rivals Verizon and AT&T respectively as “dumb and dumber.” Now, he’s trying to popularize the hashtag #DontGetVerizoned.

The latest Youtube salvo that Legere fired at the nation’s largest carrier came in response to a series of Verizon ads, which he claims are riddled with “half-truths”.

In the video he warns the public not to get ‘Verizoned’, or fall for the alleged lies it’s been spreading through its advertisements. For starters, while Verizon spokesman Jamie Foxx says T-Mobile hasn’t won any awards, Legere clarifies for the record that they’ve in fact won numerous awards for customer service, fastest LTE network, and more. He also notes that the Google Pixel smartphone is not exclusive to Verizon, and that T-Mobile has a promotion that rewards Pixel users who switch carriers with $325.

He conjectures that Verizon has gotten “pretty damn desperate” because it has lost 36,000 phone subscribers last quarter and because T-Mobile is already offering LTE service in over 99% of the areas that Verizon serves. Legere concludes his rant by calling Verizon “an old telecom giant” and warns viewers “friends don’t let friends get ‘Verizoned’.”

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