Spotify Is Giving Away FREE Google Home Minis to All Premium, Family Subscribers

Google Home Mini Credit: Inverse
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Do you pay for a Spotify Premium or Family account? If so, the streaming giant wants to give you some free tech.

Spotify is currently giving away a free Google Home Mini to current (and future) subscribers. There aren’t any strings attached — with one possible exception — and even the shipping is free.

That one string is that you need to link your Spotify and Google accounts together.

But even if you have data privacy concerns about that, you can always unlink the accounts later (though maybe wait until after you get your free Google Home Mini).

As mentioned, the free Google smart speaker is available to both Premium and Family account users. You can nab one if you’re a current subscriber. If you’re not, you’ll need to sign up for Premium or Family.

It’s also worth noting that only the primary account holder for Family plans can get the free Google Home Mini. Of course, there’s only one speaker per plan.

How to Get Your Free Google Home Mini

With all that in mind, here’s how to get your free Google Home Mini.

  1. Head over to Spotify’s website and click on Get Individual or Get Family, depending on which account type you have (or which one you’d like).
  2. If you’re an existing plan member, you should see smaller “Already have Premium Family” or “Already have Premium” buttons on the screen.
  3. If you don’t pay for Premium or Family, go through and subscribe to one or the other.
  4. Once you get through and redeem your offer, Spotify will send a message to your email account reserving your free Google Home Mini.
  5. Click on the link in the email. You’ll be brought to the Google Store.
  6. Select the Google Home Mini Color that you want and click Add to Cart.
  7. Now, go through the checkout process.
  8. The offer should be applied to your cart, so you shouldn’t see any cost for the Google home or shipping. You may want to double-check that before clicking Purchase.

That’s pretty much it. You should receive your Google Home Mini in the mail after a week or so if you chose the free Saver shipping option.

The offer ends Nov. 15 or until they run out. So if you want your free smart speaker, you’ll want to act fast.

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