Snapchat’s Spectacles Will Be Sold in Cool Interactive ‘Snapbot’ Vending Machines

Snapchat’s Spectacles Will Be Sold in Interactive ‘Snapbot’ Vending Machines
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Snapchat unveiled its Spectacles earlier this fall, right around the time it rebranded itself as Snap Inc. Spectacles are a pair of enhanced sunglasses that come with a built-in video camera that records circular video and connects directly to the Snapchat app. They will come in three colors — black, teal, and coral — and will retail for $130.

Now, an exclusive report by AdWeek has revealed that Snap Inc. is also launching a slick new marketing scheme to distribute the Spectacles in limited areas around the nation. For now, the only way you can purchase a pair of Spectacles will be through a Snapbot, a Minion-esque vending machine that springs to life when it detects potential customers nearby. The Snapbot will offer you a preview of the Spectacles, so you know what you’re buying, and features three colored buttons (in teal, coral, and black) that you press to virtually “try on” a pair of Spectacles, like a Snapchat filter.

If you’re sold, just swipe your credit or debit card and you’ll be sent along your merry Snapchatting way, with a fully charged pair of Spectacles.

The inaugural Snapbot vending machine will be dropped in Venice Beach, near Snapchat’s Los Angeles headquarters. To track where the next Snapbots will appear, go to

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