Secret Tumblr Webpage Discovered with New Live-Video Platform

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Tumblr, the quirky blogging platform responsible for many memes on social media, will launch a live-video platform Tuesday, sources said.

Twitter user David Chartier stumbled upon a webpage — — that seems to feature a release date and a programming schedule for Tumblr’s apparent foray into the live video world. TechCrunch confirmed that the images on the website were official promotional material for the new platform.

Tumblr has yet to officially announce the new platform and it’s not currently known how the video platform will play out, or exactly how it will compete with other live video platforms, The Verge noted.

On the Live Video webpage, offerings such as a Q&A session with blogger Adam J. Kurtz and a Harlem Globetrotter basketball lesson appear next to other scheduled live streams in an apparent programming guide.

Tumblr’s platform is being released in a market already saturated by options such as YouTube’s live-streaming, Twitter’s Periscope, and Facebook Live. It’s not currently known if Tumblr’s live video will actively try to compete with these existing platforms, or if it will try to innovate in new ways.

TechCrunch also notes that the live streaming option may simply be a feature that integrates with existing streaming options, rather than host content on a natively-built platform. Obviously, all will be clarified when the feature officially launches.

Rumors suggest that live video isn’t the company’s only plan for real-time content. It’s possible that a larger strategy will surface along with Live Video’s launch.

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