Samsung Galaxy S10 to Add iPhone X-esque 3D Facial Recognition

Samsung Galaxy S10 Face Id Iphone X 3d Tech Credit: Samsung Mobile News x XEETECHCARE
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Korean tech giant Samsung may have only unveiled the much-anticipated Galaxy S9 a few weeks ago, but the firm is already thought to be working on its successor.

According to a report from Korean news website The Bell, the company is currently developing new Face ID-like technology for the upcoming Galaxy S10.

Sources familiar with the situation believe that it’s enlisted the support of Israeli technology start-up Mantis Vision and South Korea-based Namuga to design new 3D camera sensors for the S10.

While the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus come with some degree of facial recognition, it can only generate 2D visuals and relies heavily on an iris scanner. A 3D system would make it far more accurate and secure.

In the past, the company has even said its current facial recognition technology can’t be used as a security authentication tool for Samsung Pay and other financial transactions.

Apple’s Face ID, on the other hand, is far more sophisticated. Thanks to structured light technology, it can harness 30,000 laser dots to come up with an accurate representation of the user’s face.

Mantis Vision, which launched in 2005, has had a long relationship with Samsung. Four years ago, it teamed up with technology design company Flextronics to plough $10 million into the firm.

The company already provides Samsung with camera modules for its budget and mid-range smartphones, too. And it was the main supplier for Google’s former mobile augmented reality platform, Project Tango.


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