‘Samsung Pass’ Will Allow You to Gain Access to Your Bank Accounts Using an Iris Scanner

'Samsung Pass' Will Allow You to Gain Access to Your Bank Accounts Using an Iris Scanner
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One of the flashiest additional features on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is that it features an iris scanner as an added biometric security measure. There’s no word yet on whether this is yet another gimmicky innovation or a useful tool, given that the phablet was unveiled just recently.

However the news that Samsung is partnering with major banks to implement iris scanning as a means of accessing banking apps seems to suggest that the tech company is serious about making the innovation a useful feature of everyday life.

The program is called Samsung Pass, and Engadget reports that major financial institutions such as Bank of America, Citibank, and US Bank have partnered with Samsung to develop iris authentication technology. Samsung is also collaborating with South Korean banks such as KEB Hana Bank, Woori Bank, and Shinhan Bank according to Android Central. The Android-focused tech outlet has also revealed that Samsung is working with each company individually to have the biometric security measure incorporated into their mobile apps.

There are a multitude of other uses and applications that Samsung is working to make eyeball-compatible. Engadget reports that soon you may be able to lock your folders and apps with iris scanners as well.

Given the shortage of iris scanning phones out on the market currently, it may be difficult to convince third party app developers to implement the technology. And while the jury’s out on whether iris authentication is safer than fingerprint scanning, there seems to be little harm in giving users the option of utilizing it.

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