Samsung May Be Working on a Weird-Looking Flexible 3-in-1 Phone

Samsung May Be Working on a Weird-Looking Flexible 3-in-1 Phone
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It’s not clear what this Samsung device precisely is, but it’s apparently some hybrid of a smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch.

The Mirror has gotten its hands on a recently filed patent that suggests that the South Korean company is working on a flexible device that bends to transition from a tablet to a smartwatch that can be worn over your wrist.


If the image associated with the patent is an accurate indication, this device’s phone-mode is supposed to be hooked over your ear and plastered on your face like some sort of nightmarish face-sucking parasite from the Alien movies.

The result is not very attractive and perhaps even unhealthy, if the rumors about cell phones causing cancer have any merit to them.

To be fair, this is a patent and not an actual product that Samsung has publicized. Without seeing an actual demo or prototype of the model depicted in the patent filing, it’s hard to tell what exactly how this device functions in real life.

On the other hand, everyone has seen the videos and knows that flexible phones are on their way. Samsung has been investing heavily in OLED flexible displays and rumors have emerged that Samsung will be releasing its own flexible phones as early as 2017, which are tablets when unfolded and bend to become smartphones.

Maybe this three-in-one device is what’s coming next?

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