Samsung Is Releasing ‘Pink Gold’ Versions of the Popular Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Soon

Samsung Is Releasing 'Pink Gold' Versions of the Popular Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Soon
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Samsung is finally releasing its “Pink Gold” edition Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge in the United States in the next few days. First revealed back in April, the pink gold version of Samsung’s flagship was originally only available in South Korea. But Samsung is reportedly going to start offering pink gold S7 and S7 Edges on Aug. 28, according to The Verge.

The Korean-based company is partnering with Best Buy to release the phone, and it looks like it’ll remain a Best Buy exclusive — at least for the immediate future.

Samsung calls its Pink Gold color a “natural” one that provides a “sense of comfort.” When it released the color back in April, it said that it’s meant to incorporate a touch of “gentleness, radiance and sophistication to the smartphone’s design.” But even if the color doesn’t stand out as gentle or sophisticated to you, it’s sure to stand out among other Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices — especially when compared to the rather subtle colors that the phone is already available in.

This seems like a move to bump S7 and S7 Edge sales, since the phone has been out for a few months already. And of course, it might be a minor annoyance to new owners of the Galaxy flagships — who may have wanted more color options than the ones available.

But still, if you’re looking for a new Galaxy with radiance and sophistication, the phone will be available for Verizon, Sprint and AT&T — but not for T-Mobile, unfortunately.

And as a special bonus, Best Buy announced that it will be offering customers a free $150 gift card with each purchase. It’ll retail, unlocked, for around $620 for a 32-gigabyte S7, and $750 for a 32-gigabyte S7 Edge. Phones including larger internal storage capacities will retail for more.

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