Samsung Accused Again of Copying Apple’s Ad Campaigns

Samsung Accused Again of Copying Apple’s Ad-Campaigns
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A fight between Apple and Samsung has started again over the originality and creativeness of a new Samsung ad that looks eerily similar to Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” commercials.

The “Shot on iPhone” commercials are 30-second clips of pictures taken by real iPhone users usually following a theme like European football or something a little more casual like being at the beach. Think of it like a Snapchat story.

In the Samsung commercial, there is only a slight difference between it and Apple. Instead of using photos from Samsung Galaxy users, Samsung used professional photographers to shoot their ads to show off their 4K video technology. But probably the obvious part of the Samsung commercial mimicking apples “Shot on iPhone” commercial is the tagline “Captured on Galaxy S7.”

This isn’t the first time Samsung has been accused of shamelessly taking a page out of Apple’s playbook. They do, as well, have a history of appropriating ad-campaigns from apple.

Commercials aren’t the only thing Samsung looks into borrowing from Apple. In 2015, Apple was paid $548 million over patent infringement damages. Samsung, however, has never seen anything they have done as wrong, claiming that the patents will curb innovation. Luckily for Samsung, the courts have viewed their argument worthy enough of having a hearing over it.

Samsung seems to also seems to believe copying ad-campaigns won’t curb innovation in the marketing department either.

Arguably, if this was the first time Samsung has copied an idea from Apple, it could easily be claimed as a coincidence. However, with the history of using Apple commercials as a template for their own ad-campaign and unapologetically using the same patents that Apple has the rights to, Samsung isn’t the peachy, innocent company that it claims to be, but a company drafting behind Apple’s slipstream.

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