Recently Added Snapchat Feature Will Help You Become ‘Snapchat Famous’

Recently Added Snapchat Feature Will Help You Become 'Snapchat Famous'
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When Snapchat released Memories earlier this month, they also snuck in a new feature that could help you find new accounts to follow.

The “Suggest” feature shows up when you tap and hold on someone’s profile. It allows you to send the account, and a suggestion to follow them, to other people, according to DigitalTrends.

The account suggestions are sent as private messages, and your friends can see the account’s name, handle and profile GIF in a menu that includes an add button, Adweek reported.

The addition of Suggest was confirmed to TechCrunch by Snapchat.

Suggest seems like it could be a welcome addition to Snapchat, partly because it’s been difficult to find and follow interesting new accounts on the app.

Unlike social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Snapchat hasn’t had a feature to suggest new accounts to users based on their interests.

Not that it hasn’t tried to implement similar features in the past. Snapchat launched scannable QR codes in 2015, allowing users to add the code to other profiles to gain followers, according to TechCrunch.

But progress on the suggestion front has been slow. It took until earlier this year for the social media platform to officially add profile URLs to its model, TechCrunch reported.

Because of this slow implementation, Snapchat users have found other ways of finding new people — including third-party platforms like, which promises “carefully handpicked” accounts to follow.

Thankfully, it seems like Snapchat is starting to catch up to the curve with this official release.

The feature is currently available on the social media platform for users who have the latest version of the app.

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