PSA | T-Mobile Customers Should Be Wary of This New SMS Scam

T-Mobile Credit: Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock
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Over the last few days, T-Mobile users have received a new spam text promising a “free gift” worth $100.

A new T-Mo Report revealed that many Reddit users have shared this scammy SMS text on the T-Mobile subreddit. The spam text consists of an image that seems to be from T-Mobile. In the screenshot, the company apologizes for an “outage” that affected thousands of users and seeks to provide a “$100 FREE GIFT” in return for finishing a 30-second survey. 

The problem is that once a victim clicks the link, they’ll be redirected to a website that still claims to offer the $100 – but it also has a disclaimer saying that it isn’t affiliated with T-Mobile and that the company isn’t endorsing the “free gift.”

So why are you being targeted? Many believe this is the result of a data breach T-Mobile had back in August. As of right now, T-Mobile hasn’t given any official statement or filtered out this spam yet. 

So you received this message, now what?

What Should You Do If You Get This Message?

Well, first, do not interact with the text message in any way. That means you shouldn’t click the link. Also, do not reply to the text message. 

Sure, it may seem fun to mock scammers, but the person on the other side will know your number is active if you reply. That will make you a target for future scams, and they can even resell your phone number and other information to worse offenders.

The best thing you could do is report the spam to T-Mobile by forwarding the text to 7726.

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