Pandora Will Now Alert You When Bands You ‘Like’ Are Playing Nearby

Pandora Will Now Alert You When Bands You 'Like' Are Playing Nearby
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Pandora will now notify you if your favorite artist is playing a concert nearby.

To do this, the music-streaming platform will analyze a user’s listening habits, and recommend nearby Ticketfly concerts based on that analysis, according to TechCrunch.

Listeners will receive a push notification when an artist they like adds a show on Ticketfly. Tapping on the notification will conveniently take the listener to an in-app page where they can buy tickets, TechCrunch reported.

If tickets aren’t yet available for an announced concert, listeners can set up the app to remind them when they do go on sale.

Additionally, Pandora announced that an live event email newsletter is also in the works, and could include special offers to listeners as incentives. The emails will be sent out later this year, Pandora said.

Ticketfly was bought by Pandora in a $450 million acquisition last year. And this new integration seems to be taking full advantage of the partnership.

But there’s a caveat: the new Pandora feature will only show you Ticketfly concerts. This could be a problem because, while Ticketfly is slowly growing, the platform only makes up a small portion of the ticket selling market, according to Hypebot.

Despite this, the Ticketfly integration is probably crucial for Pandora, which has yet to make a profit since its shares went public in 2011, according to Fortune Magazine.

And it’s a necessary step for the company to stay relevant among music streaming platforms. Last year, Spotify launched a similar concert notification feature on its mobile app.

Aside from the Ticketfly integration, Pandora is also reportedly working on digital tools that could help concert promoters and music venues target specific audiences for their shows, Fortune reported.

Ticketfly said that feed alerts for nearby concerts and on-sale notifications are already live within the app, with push notifications arriving soon, TechCrunch reported.

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