9 Incredibly Cool and Unique New Tech Toys You Have to See

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It can seem like a thousand new products hit the market every day. Because of that, the sheer amount of gear, gadgets and accessories can quickly become overwhelming. It can be too much to sort through, which is a shame because there’s a lot of cool stuff you should know about.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of nine awesome tech gadgets and accessories. From the unique, to the just-plain-coolyou’re sure to find something to give a serious boost to your tech life.

9 AirSelfie2 Drone

Gadgetmatch Air Selfie 2 Drone 20180111 03
Image via Gadget Match

AirSelfie2 Drone

Anyone can take a selfie — so why not step up your social media game by getting a drone to do it for you? The AirSelfie 2 is a pocket-sized drone with an HD 12-megapixel camera, controllable via iOS or Android. It can fly as high as 65 feet, letting you capture a range of amazing images from the air. But it also sports an auto-hover mode for truly extraordinary and handsfree selfies.

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  • Lightweight for easy carrying.
  • Anti-vibration shock absorber & 12MP camera for wide-angle photos.
  • Built-in 16GB micro SD card.
  • Maneuvered using a free iOS or Android app with simple, user-friendly controls.

8 Ilumi LED Smartstrip Starter Kit

Ilumi Led Smartstrip Starter Kit

Ilumi LED Smartstrip Starter Kit

Add some ambiance and flair to any room or location with this LED smart lighting strip. It can be placed basically anywhere in your home — and it’s also durable and waterproof for outdoor use. The LEDs, which can be controlled with the corresponding app, support millions of different colors and color combinations. The aforementioned app also features a wide range of built-in presets for basically any mood, event or routine.

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  • Simple control via free app.
  •  White light and millions of color combinations.
  • Adds flair to your space w/ special effects and music reactions.
  • IP65 rated for outdoor use.
  • Lasts up to 20 years.

7 FenSens Smart License Plate Frame

Fensens Smart License Plate Frame

FenSens Smart License Plate Frame

Many newer cars feature smart parking sensors and cameras, but you don’t have to feel left out if you’re driving something a bit older. This smart license plate holder sports a suite of similar parking sensors that can be installed on any vehicle. Through the included app, the plate can wirelessly send an alert to your smartphone when you’re getting a bit too close to an object. It installs in minutes and also sports anti-theft tracking features.

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  • Installs in 5 minutes with no wiring or professional help needed.
  • Provides instant audio, visual & vibration alerts for objects detected in front or behind your vehicle.
  • Launches the app hands-free, even if your phone is in your pocket.
  • Keeps itself safe thanks to anti-theft features that track your vehicle or device.
  • Stands up to any weather for long-lasting use.

6 Xvida Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Solution

Qi Wireless Charging Kit

Xvida Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Solution

For the most part, a wireless charger just charges your phone. But this Qi-enabled solution adds some utility to your charge time. Pickup a sleek magnetic case for your iPhone model, as well as a magnetic charging base (that can be attached to a wall, fridge or any other surface). Place your phone on the charger and it’ll magnetically connect, letting you view and use your device while it’s being juiced up on virtually any surface.

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  • Supports 40% faster charging through powerful dual-mode wireless charging.
  • Slim magnetic TPU phone case works like magic.
  • Charging pad can be attached magnetically to the wall or directly to your fridge & other metallic surfaces.

5 Picbot Face Tracking Automated Smartphone Mount

Picbot Smart Phone Mount

Picbot Face Tracking Automated Smartphone Mount

Using facial-recognition technology, this smart handset mount can actually detect and follow your face. That can come in handy in a variety of scenarios. Whether you’re recording a vlog or just trying to keep your eyes on a recipe in the kitchen, the PicBot can intelligently rotate so you always get the perfect view or shot. It supports up to three faces and features smooth rotation for incredibly steady video recording.

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  • Built-in facial tracking software follows your face to get the perfect exposure.
  • Full-featured app lets you employ timelapse, panorama, smile detection, photo filters & more.
  • Facial tracking can focus on up to three faces at the same time during filming.
  • Automatically initiates countdown timer to snap a photo when the subject is in the frame & still.
  • Comes w/ a standard 1/4″ thread standard mount for tripods & stands.
  • Controller lets you spin 360 degrees, adjust the zoom, initiate video & photos.

4 Invidyo: World’s Smartest Video Monitor with Smile Detection

Invidyo Smart Video Monitor

Invidyo: Smart Video Monitor with Smile Detection

This clever little device launches the baby monitor into the future. It, of course, lets you monitor your child via audio or video. But it also sports advanced A.I. facial recognition that detects and snaps a picture everytime your baby smiles. It can also features a wide range of sensors to detect unfamiliar faces and other dangers, and lets you communicate to your child (or anyone else) via app. At the end of a day, it automatically puts together a 2-minute clip of your child’s most important moments.

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  • Get a 2-minute highlight reel of your baby every single day.
  • Label familiar faces & get notifications of unwelcome strangers thanks to state-of-the-art facial recognition technology.
  • Receive notifications of noise, motion, recognition of a familiar face, detection of a stranger, unexpected temperature change, dangerous humidity level, air quality, & smoke detection in your child’s room
  • Communicate w/ anyone in the room through the mobile app
  • Keep a view on your child in the dark thanks to advanced night-vision.

3 Lofree Four Seasons Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Lofree Four Seasons

Lofree Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Typing on a nice-feeling keyboard is one of life’s simple pleasures. And if you’re at all nostalgic for the pre-computer era, the Lofree Four Seasons is an awesome and unique choice. This Bluetooth keyboard features a retro, typewriter-like design and a refined tactile feel due to its high-quality mechanical keys. It uses Apple’s keyboard layout, so Mac users will find it incredibly familiar.

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  • Provides a more comfortable, refined tactile feel.
  • Works wirelessly or wired.
  • Large keycaps and improved backspace key turbocharge your daily typing and blind typing.
  • Retro design combined w/ cutting-edge tech adds a touch of glamour.
  • Engineered for Mac users featuring Apple’s keyboard layout.
  • Supports three levels of backlighting.
  • Multiple colors available.

2 Pakpod Adventure Tripod

Pakpod Adventure Tripod

Pakpod Adventure Tripod

A tripod is an easy way to significantly upgrade your photography, but they’re not always the easiest things to pack around. The Pakpod is different. This durable yet compact adventure tripod weighs less than a pound, and features patented stakes for setting up in basically any environment. It can be stashed in your bag and set up in seconds.

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  • Great for time-lapse, video and underwater photography.
  • Patented stabilizing stakes for securing in turf, sand and snow.
  • Lightweight for hiking and travel.
  • Rugged and quick to deploy in a ton of ways.

1 EarDial: Invisible Smart Earplugs for Live Music

Eardial Smart Earplugs
Ear Dial

EarDial: Invisible Smart Earplugs

If you’re a fan of live music, these EarDial earplugs might become your new concert essential. They’re comfortable, compact and nearly invisible earplugs. They block out harmful levels of noise, but will still let you hear music and even talk to your friends. The included aluminum case ensures that they’re always with you, and the free mobile app can detect the volume of your surroundings — giving you stats on safe-listening levels and timeframes.

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  • Hear the music & chat with friends while protecting yourself from harmful sound decibels.
  • Wear confidently thanks to the low-profile design.
  • Store easily in the compact aluminum case.
  • Know the sound level around you & how long you can stay safely with the companion mobile app.
  • Support a good cause: 5% of profits go to charities on a mission against tinnitus & noise-induced hearing loss.
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