New Samsung Note 6 May Put Other Smartphones on the Ropes

New Samsung Note 6 May Put Other Smartphones on the Ropes
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The new Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is supposed to surpass expectations, by so much, that even one writer jokingly called the phone the Note 7, suggesting that he didn’t expect the technology in the 6 be available until the next generation of phones.

As of right now, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is considered the best smartphone by CNET, but there may be a chance that the Note 6 will demote the S7 to the 2nd best smartphone on the market.

Recently, Samsung released a page of empty coding on its User Agent page. Forbes writer, Gordon Kelly, hypothesizes that companies only do that when they plan on releasing something really soon. Looking at past release dates of Samsung products, consumers can expect some news at the end of summer and the start of fall.

The release of the Note 6 may very well change what consumers’ expectations will be for other smartphones such as iPhone and Android. One of the many cool features of the Note 6 is its iris scanner. What was once a pipe dream in science-fiction movies has now become a reality for any Note 6 consumer.

But there’s so much more than that. There’s its practicality, such as its edge-screen display and the change to a USB Type-C connector, which is also being used in other new technological products, like laptops, printers, and yes, other phones.

Along with the practical additions, the Note 6 will also have RAM that’s 50 percent faster and has an IP67 water resistance rating. Although not as strong as the Samsung Galaxy 7’s IP68, the IP67 rating means that the Note 6 can be immersed into water up to one meter in depth without having damaging effects. The prior Note 5 had no water resistance whatsoever.

From what has been brewing between Apple and Samsung in the battle of smartphones, Samsung may finally be able to take charge with the S7 and the up-and-coming Note 6.

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