New Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’ to Launch with 4K Graphics, Bigger 7″ Display (and Higher Price Tag)

Nintendo Switch Pro Concept Image Credit: Oliver Raymond / Behance
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Fans of the Switch console will be thrilled to know a new version is coming later this year, set to improve Nintendo’s current lineup making gameplay better than ever. Here are the exciting new features and changes you can expect.

What’s New for the Nintendo Switch Pro?

The new Switch has been referred to by many as the “Switch Pro.” While not an entirely new device, the Switch Pro will improve the current model with an upgraded Nvidia chip supporting its DLSS artificial intelligence upscaling and rendering.

The enhanced Nvidia chip will allow for quicker, more efficient processing and better-looking games at 4K ultra-high definition when in docked mode.

According to Bloomberg, game developers note that “DLSS support will require new code to be added to games, so it’ll primarily be used to improve graphics on upcoming titles.”

We can also expect a larger 7-inch, 720P, OLED display from Samsung and new games to play alongside the console’s release. OLED technology consumes less power, so the new display will use less battery while offering better contrast.

It’s expected that the new display would look as if you removed the black bezel surrounding the current Switch’s display and stretched the screen to fill the gap.

Nintendo Switch Pro Price, Release Date

The Nintendo Switch Pro is not surprisingly expected to receive a price bump over the current version’s $299 MSRP, somewhere between a $50 and $100 increase.

Analysts believe that Nintendo will still be able to drive healthy demand for the new console at $399.99, though the system will not match the raw power and performance of Sony’s PlayStation 5 or Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, which cost $499.99 each.

We can expect the Nintendo Switch Pro to launch by holiday season 2021.

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