New Netflix Feature Solves Its Biggest Problem: Finding Something to Watch

Netflix Play Something New Feature Credit: Netflix
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Many of us suffer from what some people call analysis paralysis, which, in the case of Netflix, we never know which movie to choose because there are just so many options. To put it simply, you spend more time choosing a movie or show than actually watching it.

Fortunately, Netflix is about to put an end to our struggles or at least help us decide which movies to watch without giving it that much thought.

Enter ‘Play Something’

Not sure what to watch? Netflix has you covered with its new Play Something feature.

As you can probably figure out by the name, Play Something will show you a show or movie that you might want to watch based on your interests.

Play Something will be available in a bunch of places, so it’ll be impossible to miss it. You can find the Play Something button underneath your profile name, on the tenth row of the Netflix homepage, and the navigation menu on the left of the screen.

Let Movies and Shows Find You

All you need to do is select Play Something, and Netflix will show you a new series or film you haven’t watched, series or films from your watch list, or unfinished movies or shows you were already watching or you may want to watch again.

The shows or movies Netflix chooses for you aren’t random. In fact, Netflix will use your profile as well as your taste in movies and TV series to show you a show you might be interested in.

Still, if you don’t like Netflix’s suggestion, you can always hit the Play Something button again, and you’ll get another series or movie you might actually be interested in.

Play Something will be available on TV-based versions of Netflix, but the company says it’ll start testing it on mobile devices too.

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