New ‘Google Wifi’ Routers Are Pucks That Will Blanket Your Entire Home with Internet

New 'Google Wifi' Routers Are Pucks That Will Blanket Your Entire Home with Internet
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Google keeps bringing the hardware. Last week, we caught wind of Google Home, which is its response to Amazon Echo and just recently, we learned more about the Google Pixel line of smartphones. And now, the company has announced another product built entirely in-house. Google Wifi is a white puck-shaped router that you can distribute throughout your home to create a mesh network that amplifies your connectivity, as opposed to relying on a central router.

Google Wifi is relatively inexpensive, running customers an affordable $129. You can also purchase a three-pack, which is recommended for larger spaces, for $299, representing $88 in savings.

It’s not quite as small as the routers made by Eero, its main competitor, but the minimalist white discs are unobtrusive enough that they ought to fit within any home design scheme. It also comes with a couple of cutting-edge bonuses, including machine-learning capabilities that optimize the network’s performance. This allows the routers to recognize which devices are connected to them and hand off service to the most optimal router in just 150 milliseconds, meaning the transfers are imperceptible to users and which keeps service seamless.

The whole shebang is powered via USB-C and comes with a LED light strip that provides status updates.

Google Wifi will be available for pre-order beginning in November and will be commercially distributed in December.

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