Netflix, DirecTV and Hulu Are Raising Their Prices Again – Here’s How Much More You’ll Pay

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Get ready to pay more for your TV services. Netflix, Hulu, and DirecTV have all announced price increases in the past few weeks.

The price increases range from $1 up to $25 depending on the plan and service.

Read on to find out which services and plans are seeing the most significant increases.

Netflix Price Increases

Netflix last month announced that it was again raising its monthly subscription rates, hiking the prices on most of its monthly plans by one or two dollars. Only one plan, the entry-level basic tier, is staying at its current rate.

  1. The “Premium” plan, which supports 4K and four simultaneous streams, jumped from $15.99 a month to $17.99
  2. The “Standard” plan, which offers 1080p and two simultaneous streams, was raised from $12.99 a month to $13.99.
  3. The “Basic” plan, which allows for SD quality content and one stream, will stay at $8.99.

The price increase went into effect last month for new Netflix customers when that increase was publicly announced. Existing customers should expect to see the increase reflected in their bills in the coming months.

Hulu Price Increases

Hulu this week announced that it was raising the monthly cost of its live-TV streaming plan by $10 starting on December 18th. The live TV service will now cost $64.99 per month, up from $54.99. The plan offers access to 65 live channels in addition to Hulu’s extensive library of TV shows and movies. This price increase will apply to both existing and new subscribers.

DirecTV Price Increases

AT&T customers who subscribe to the company’s DirecTV satellite and U-verse TV services will be paying up to $9 more per month for the television services.

“Due to increased programming costs, we’re adjusting the price of our video packages,” wrote AT&T in an announcement posted on the company’s website.

While raising the prices on their multi-channel plans, the company is reducing the cost of select a la carte premium programming such as Starz, HBO Max, and others. These price changes go into effect starting January 17, 2021. A detailed list of the price increases and decreases can be found here on AT&T’s website.

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